The Crew

Great ideas don’t just appear fully formed into the world. It takes a dedicated, passionate team to realize them and make them flesh and blood!

Luckily, at 24HourBeer we have assembled the best of the best to bring you the beer you’ve always wanted but couldn’t find. From our founders, with years of experience in marketing and brand development to some of the brightest stars of the craft beer world, we’ve got it covered from every angle… we know that you’re only as good as your team, that’s why we got the best.


Brent Nichols

Brent Nichols is an award-winning music & advertising producer and composer who has been making music for over a decade. He has worked with artists including Kanye West, MIA, and Santigold, to name a few and has overseen music on multiple campaigns for brands including Beats, Apple, Bud Light, Coors and Miller. He came up with the idea for Day Beer while standing on his deck in LA lamenting the lack of drinkable daytime craft beer options for him and the people he loves. With a clear vision for the design aesthetic and ethos, Brent set out to create the ultimate day beer. 

Daron Hollowell

Daron Hollowell has over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur, creative, and musical artist. He fronted the seminal hardcore band Four Hundred Years, founded the music collective Black Iris Music in 2004, and in 2008 founded White Iris Records, early home to LA artists including Best Coast, FIDLAR, and Electric Guest.  He has headed the music team for numerous beer campaigns for brands including Corona, Pacifico, Miller Light, and Guinness. In the search for the perfect recipe for Day Beer he dove headfirst into the craft beer world traveling to its furthest reaches including....San Diego.


Kelcie Jadkowski

Kelcie has an extensive background in marketing, art, education, foreign languages and much more.  She was born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI and therefore has been drinking craft beer since she could walk towards her first can. Her knowledge and love of beer is extensive and intense...she has been working alongside Brent and Daron for years and is the heart and soul of Day Beer’s mission to end up in the fridge and hand of every woman and man!


Will Shelton

Will Shelton is legendary in the beer world and is best known for his first business, Shelton Brothers Inc., a beer import/export company that basically made Belgian and Belgian-style beer popular in the U.S. - pretty much any good Belgian beer you drink is popular because of the Shelton Brothers. He is the brewing and beer expert at Concrete Jungle Brewing Project.


Joey Anderson

Joey, part owner of Brews Bros, has been involved with the LA craft beer scene for over a decade, watching it grow from nearly nothing to the massive and ever-expanding scene it is today. Over the years he has watched and helped numerous beer bars and restaurant owners successfully open and operate their establishments.


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