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A Beer For
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The Beer

It all started with a dream… our dream to provide the world with a crushable, crisp, refreshing, CA inspired lager that rules! It didn’t exist, so we went out and made it ourselves.

Craft beers are more popular then ever in Los Angeles, but their overly complex flavor profiles can be a turnoff for beer drinkers who are happiest with light, easy drinking Mexican and Asian lagers. We know there is a massive untapped group of people looking for an alternative to the typical craft beer, people like us, people who share our dream… We give you Day Beer, a beer for all time!

"LA's only
24 hour beer."

— Yours Truly





The Crew


The Story

As founders and partners of Ring The Alarm, a music and culture company and independent record label, we’re uniquely connected to a huge audience of music listeners - and beer drinkers - in Southern California and beyond. In the same way that we pride ourselves on creating quality-driven artistic content on our label and in our production house, we’re ready to create a beer that’s authentic in the true sense of the word.


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