Where will you be able to find Day Beer?

Anywhere beers are cracked. Bars, restaurants, your corner liquor store, grocery stores, markets and your friends fridge. And because of its low alcohol content and accessibility, Day Beer is the perfect drink for less obvious but decidedly chill drinking environments: barber shops, salons, festivals, art openings, movies, parties, brand launches, work lunches, and more.



What makes Day Beer different from the rest?

Day Beer is a light, refreshing, low-alcohol day or nighttime beer compatible with an active California lifestyle. There’s a huge segment of the public left out of IPA culture that wants a lower alcohol beer that doesn’t require a radical palette shift. Day Beer is the beer you drink in backyards, by the pool, at the beach, and in the California sunshine. It’s the beer for post-surfing, skating, and kayaking the LA River; what you bring to a late night overpass party or an outdoor movie with friends.   

And while it’s an alternative to bulkier craft beers and higher alcohol IPAs, it’s also an alternative to Mexican and Asian mass-market beers. The flavor profile may not be dissimilar, but the difference is Day Beer is local to California and independently brewed. This is a community-driven, simple, light, crisp, inclusive beer for anyone, on any occasion, any time of day.


What is the ethos behind 24HourBeer?

24HourBeer was founded with the same ethos in mind that our label and production house, Ring The Alarm was... Ring The Alarm has been an innovator and a tastemaker in the music industry since its inception, and we’re ready to become tastemakers in the local craft beer movement, too. 

We were often approached by beer brands to develop campaigns and market their beers at our events, and while we have worked with many of these brands over the years, we felt that it’s high time to create a beer that reflects the values of our music business: DIY, community-oriented, locally made, high-quality, and no bullshit.